Protein – What, when and why?

With the market for plant-based products and high protein diets booming, protein popularity continues to soar.

Join us on Tuesday 23rd April to discuss all things protein, from 8-9pm (GMT) #NutrPRO 

Q1: What role does protein play in human/animal health and why have high protein diets become so popular?

Q2: At what stages throughout the lifespan are protein requirements higher? How can we help achieve adequate protein intake during these phases?

Q3: What role does protein play in sports and exercise nutrition? Are protein supplements necessary for the general public following recreational exercise?

Q4: In what ways is the timing of protein intake and protein quality important?

Q5: What impact could protein innovation have on daily intakes?

Q6: What are the most interesting research findings relating to protein that you want to share?


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