Let’s talk weight!

Source: World Obesity Federation image bank

We can’t wait to get started after our Summer break – we are refreshed and ready to go! Our next Twitter chat will be held on Tuesday 17th September, 8 – 9pm (GMT). We hope you are looking forward to chatting with us again!

If you have had a break from Twitter over the Summer, you can check out our top tips for tweeting here to help you get back in the swing.

Over the Summer, we have been very aware of the controversy surrounding the Cancer Research UK obesity campaign and the recent WW (formerly Weight Watchers) weight management app for children and teenagers. We felt it timely to discuss how we, as nutritionists, talk about weight, use terms like ‘overweight’ and ‘obesity’ and consider the effect of weight stigma and weight bias on people’s mental and physical well-being.

This is a sensitive area for so many reasons so please take a moment to look at our recently launched guidance on maintaining professionalism on social media. It seems a good time to highlight some of the messages here to help us navigate this chat in a professional and sensitive manner.

Use #talkweight for all tweets and remember to number your start with A1 or A2 etc.

Q1: What does the evidence show us about the impact of weight stigma on people’s mental and physical health?

Q2: How do we raise the topic of overweight and obesity appropriately with individuals? How we do discuss this topic with groups that we work with?

Q3: What are non-diet approaches and what role can they play in healthy weight management?

Q4: As Nutritionists, what can we do to support people leading healthier lives?

Q5: How can we ensure the language we use has a positive impact on the culture around weight?

Q6: Share any good tips, resources or positive experiences you’ve had working in this field.

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