Nutritionist’s Role In Policy

Our next chat, Tuesday 15th October, 8-9pm GMT, is focusing on nutrition policy. We will focus on how evidence based policy can have positive outcomes for public health and how we, as nutritionists, can get involved in the policy process.

Evidence based nutrition policy, whether at a national, international, industry level or within a business, school, non-governmental organisation or charity can have powerful and very positive benefits on the lives of the people that policy targets.

Below are the questions for our next chat. Remember to use #NutrPolicy for all your answers and to label your answers A1/A2 etc.

Q1: Evidence and expert opinion is used to inform government advice and policy on nutrition, how can nutritionists contribute to this process?

Q2: What UK government or international guidelines/publications do you use to inform your work?

Q3: With the UK’s exit from the EU looming, what opportunities and considerations does this present in terms of diet and nutrition?

Q4: What current or upcoming consultations could Nutritionists get involved in?

Q5: What impact does policy have? Share examples of the benefits to the population.

Q6: Share your experiences of working within nutrition policy. Do you have any questions related to policy that haven’t been covered?

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