Getting a Job & Carving out a Career in Nutrition

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade! January is typically a time for change and forward planning. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the winner of our last poll to decide this month’s chat topic was career development and job searching. Thank you to all of you that took time to vote.

Join us 8-9pm (GMT) on Tuesday 21st January to discuss careers in nutrition, with particular focus on how to find a job and how to best carve out a career, whatever your field.

This chat is intended to be helpful for everyone across all stages of their nutrition career. Career development is an ongoing challenge and we can benefit from career advice and support along the way. Many of you will have valuable advice to share with others – we encourage RNutrs to share their experiences.

Something that is new for @AfNutr this month – we have three special guests to help us moderate:

Anna Wheeler and Dr Danielle McCarthy, founders of Nutrition Talent, will share their experience of managing a nutrition focused recruitment agency to the chat.

Zoe Griffiths has a passion for sharing job opportunities and supporting fellow nutritionists in their career.

The questions for this month’s chat are below. Remember to use #NutrJobs for all your answers and start your answers with A1, A2 etc.

Q1: What advice do you have for AfN Registrants either starting out or developing their career in nutrition?

Q2: Where are the key places to look for nutrition jobs, career advice and resources?

Q3: Volunteering, at any stage in your career, is an excellent way to gain experience and new skills. Share your examples of volunteering.

Q4: Transferable skills are essential for securing any job. What are the key transferable skills for nutritionists and how do you reflect on these in your CPD?

Q5: Over to you…What questions would you like to ask in relation to nutrition careers or gaps in CVs?

Q6: Share your advice in applying for nutrition jobs and preparing for interviews.

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