Child Nutrition

Image Source: Unsplash @halgatewood

Child nutrition has proven to be a popular requested chat topic with many of our @AfNutr followers.

Giving children regular meals, and a healthy, well-balanced diet helps their development, mental well-being and physical health. As well as growth and development, relationships with food are also established at a young age.

Child nutrition is a vast and diverse area. Food and eating can be great fun, however many parents or carers for children may feel overwhelmed with periods of fussy eating. Children’s tastes change. One day they’ll hate something, but a month later they may love it.

The next chat covers child nutrition from complementary feeding through to the challenges of teen eating.

Join us on 24th March 2020 from 8-9pm (UK time) for #NutrKids.

Chat questions are below. Remember to use the #NutrKids for all your answers and start them with A1, A2, A3 etc.

Q1: Parents can feel confused about when to introduce solid food, what’s the recommended advice? Share any tips or useful resources on complementary feeding.

Q2: The toddler years can see the emergence of fussy eating, why is this and what are the evidence-based strategies for coping with this phase?

Q3: What are the key areas of concern around children’s dietary patterns & how does this impact health?

Q4: How can we promote healthy eating amongst children and their families on an individual, community & population level?

Q5: How can we encourage children to develop a good relationship with food?

Q6: What are the issues that can affect food choice in teenagers and how can we support them to eat well?

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