Moving from ANutr to RNutr

Our April chat on Tue 21st between 8 and 9pm (UK time) will be focusing on transferring from ANutr to RNutr.  This AfNutr chat topic was one of our most popular chats last year, so we are excited to be hosting it again this month.  

Preparing your portfolio can feel really daunting and this chat will connect you with others in a similar situation. More importantly, we hope that we will have lots of RNutrs ready and waiting to give tips and advice.

It’s a great time for thinking about your portfolio and CPD as the AfN are starting a Weekly Zoom Clinic where Registrants can book in for one-to-one support relating to transfer portfolios. Details of how to book a dedicated time are provided in the latest Registrant’s Newsletter.  

We are extremely happy to have Dr Glenys Jones RNutr as a guest moderator for the evening. Glenys is the Deputy Chief Executive and Communications Manager for the Association for Nutrition. She brings her inside knowledge of the transfer process along with a huge amount of personal experience of nutrition and science.

We hope this chat will be of use and enjoyable to both ANutrs and RNutrs.  Remember to use the #RNutr2B for all your answers and start them with A1, A2, A3 etc. We have chosen six open questions to structure the discussion, here they are:

Q1: What are the main challenges for preparing and writing your portfolio to transfer from ANutr to RNutr?

Q2: How to get started. How do I organise evidence for my portfolio?

Q3: How do I structure my personal statement? RNutr’s please share any tips you have for personal statement writing.

Q4: Core Competency 5 (Professional Conduct section) is often difficult for ANutr’s to digest. From PC1 – PC13, which elements do you find most challenging?

Q5: It is important for ANutrs to be mentored. Share your mentoring experiences.

Q6: After you have gained RNutr status what happens next? What are the benefits/advantages of becoming a RNutr?

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