Lockdown Nutrition

Join us for our next chat on Tuesday 19th May (8-9pm UK time), where we will be considering how lockdown has affected the way we eat, cook and shop for food.

This month’s chat aims to discuss food and nutrition issues facing us in lockdown, both the positives and negatives. We will also consider food security at household and national level as well as sharing our personal experiences of nutrition during lockdown.

How can we, as nutrition professionals, support good nutrition through lockdown and beyond, as restrictions ease?

It is even more important, in the face of COVID-19, that Registered Nutritionists share evidence-based resources and information widely. Therefore, the launch of the Association for Nutrition’s Nutrition Resource Hub during lockdown is timely. This resource hub aims to share Registrants’ resources to provide a source of reliable information for the public and the media.

We have chosen six open questions to structure the discussion below. Remember to use #LockdownNutrition for all your answers and start them with A1, A2, A3 etc.

Q1. What’s the current evidence around nutrition and immunity? How can our diet support the immune system?

Q2. There has been a lot of talk about vitamin D recently. Why is this, is there any new research of interest and what is the current official advice on vitamin D?

Q3. How has lockdown impacted on people’s eating behaviours in terms of cooking, food shopping and household food waste?

Q4. How has lockdown affected people’s ability to access and buy food? Share any useful sources of information that shows how our food supply chain has responded.

Q5. Lots of seasonal veg is currently going to waste in the UK. Share your tips or resources for using veg for healthy meals and snacks during lockdown.

Q6. From a nutrition perspective, what positives are to be gained from lockdown?

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