Food and Mood

Join us for our first Twitter chat since the summer to discuss the topic of nutrition, cognitive function and health on Tuesday 20th October (8-9pm UK time).

The role of food, diet and nutrition and their relationship with the brain is a hotly debated topic. We know that the brain needs to be adequately fuelled to function effectively. But can what we eat and drink have an impact on cognition, the aging process, our mental health and wellbeing, and levels of alertness?

This month’s chat will discuss a few key nutrients of interest and their role in brain function, along with hydration and the communication between our gut and brain. As always, we want to focus on the evidence-base behind nutrition and health

We look forward to welcoming you back and also connecting with any newcomers to discuss such a topical and interesting area.

Remember to use the #NutrMood for all your answers and start them with A1, A2, A3 etc. We have chosen six open questions to structure the discussion, here they are:

Q1: Which micronutrients have been linked to energy, mood and brain function?

Q2: During times of stress and low mood people may experience changes in appetite, why might this be?

Q3: What roles to macronutrients play in brain function and what are the associated outcomes?

Q4: The term ‘hangry’ is often used in conversation. What is it and is there science to support it?

Q5: What effect does dehydration have on cognitive function and mood?

Q6: How might the gut be linked to brain health?

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