CPD: What, When & Why?

Happy New Year to all our followers! Finally, 2020 is over! We have a bit longer to go before life returns to some sense of normality but we can start the new year with our professional development taking centre stage.

As AfN Registrants, we are obliged to undertake Continued Professional Development (CPD) to maintain our skills and knowledge. This is important to keep abreast of the fast moving nature of nutrition science and policy. It is also important to develop our networks and skills in ways that allows us to use and share evidence-based advice and information to the best of our ability.

Join us on Tuesday 19th January 2021, 8-9pm (UK time) to get lots of advice on CPD. Whether you are a student, new graduate, ANutr or RNutr, you’ll find our CPD very useful for keeping on top of your CPD. We are joined by guest moderator Dr. Glenys Jones RNutr from the Association for Nutrition.

Below are the questions for our CPD twitter chat. Remember to start your answer with A1, A2, A3 etc. and include #NutrCPD in all your tweets so that your answers will be found by others and archived by us.

Q1: What are the benefits of CPD and how often should we undertake CPD activities?

Q2: What counts as CPD for AfN registrants?

Q3: What steps are involved in reflective practice?

Q4: How prepared should you be in case of an AfN audit?

Q5: Share tips on how you keep a record of your CPD activities

Q6: What CPD activities have you found most useful?

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