Women’s Health

The winner of our recent poll was women’s health and it seems a perfect topic to cover with International Women’s Day earlier this month. From puberty and teenage years right through to menopause and healthy ageing, nutrition is key to maintaining health and preventing disease. To improve women’s health and quality of life, we need to understand nutritional needs and how best to support women in making informed healthy food choices. As nutrition professionals, we also need to understand the challenges of eating well faced by women across different ages and stages of their lives.

Join us on Tuesday 23rd March at 8pm UK time for our March @AfNutr Twitter chat on women’s health. Whether you are a student, new graduate, ANutr or RNutr, you’ll find our #NutrWomen twitter chat very useful for keeping on top of your CPD.

Below are the questions that we will discuss. Remember to start your answer with A1, A2, A3 etc. and include #NutrWomen in all your tweets so that your answers will be found by others and archived by us. Before the chat do check out our tips on participation in twitter chats and using the chat as CPD.

Here are the questions for the twitter chat:

Q1: What do we know about women’s dietary patterns in the UK and how do these compare to recommendations?

Q2: What are the key factors affecting nutrition & health in teenage girls?

Q3: How can menstruation affect food choice and what is the science behind this?

Q4: What are key nutritional considerations for women of childbearing age?

Q5: What are the main challenges for eating well during pregnancy?

Q6: How can diet support women through the menopause and promote healthy ageing?

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