Reflective Practice

Using reflective practice can be an effective way of demonstrating your CPD during your application for RNutr status.

Reflective practice concerns thinking about the things you have done and what you have learned (and perhaps what you might change or do differently in future). It is a useful approach to use when discussing examples, for example in your Statement of Competency (it can also be useful for preparing examples to discuss in a job interview).

Reflecting on what you have done, what you have learnt, and what you might do next is also useful for planning future CPD: for example it could highlight skill gaps or areas that you wish to develop further.

There is no right or wrong way of using reflective practice. Log into your AfN Registrants area for tips and resources for recording reflective practice.

@AfNutr Twitter Chats are AfN Endorsed CPD activities. By completing our evaluation form and completing reflective practice, you can receive a certificate of participation. To help you with your reflections, we have created two reflective practice worksheets that can be used to structure your written evidence.

Sheet 1 includes reflective questions that are relevant if you have actively participated in @AfNutr Twitter chat(s).

Sheet 2 contains questions suitable for reflecting on @AfNutr Twitter chat(s) that you have browsed from our archive.