Tips for Tweeting

If you have never taken part in a Twitter Chat before or feel that you are a bit lost during the often fast moving @AfNutr chats, here are our tips for getting the most out of the chats:

1.       Don’t be shy.  Post a tweet at the start of the twitter chat to say hello and introduce yourself.  This can help you get started and let people know you are joining the chat.

2.       Read through the questions for the chat beforehand and have a think about any answers you could tweet for each question.  The questions are usually posted by @AfNutr and are added to the website: a week before the chat date. 

3.       Remember to include A1, A2, A3 in your answers when responding to Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.

4.       Remember to include the specific hashtag for the twitter chat in your tweets otherwise your tweets won’t be seen by those following the chat, and won’t be included when the chats are summarised afterwards.

5.       Scheduling your tweets using a social media scheduler can be really useful.  Tweetdeck ( is an example of a free tool you can use to schedule your tweets.

6.       If you miss the Twitter chat hour, you can still add and respond to tweets in the week following the chat.  All the discussions will be collated a week after the chat date.  A summary of the Twitter Chats will be added to the website here:

7.       If you have actively participated in a Twitter chat it is useful to do reflective practice afterwards to reflect on what you have learnt and how it might impact your professional practice and future learning.  For example, has it identified any skills gaps or areas that you wish to develop further? 

8. We really want our chats to be friendly and professional so please be kind. Would you say what you are about to Tweet to the person’s face? It is OK to disagree but do so respectfully and politely. If you want to take your debate further then direct message (DM) and keep it private. If we, as moderators, think things are not in keeping with @AfNutr Chats we will step in gently.