Our Twitter Chats are held bi-monthly covering various nutrition topics, intended for Association for Nutrition Registered and Associate Nutritionists although anyone, no matter their professional background, is welcome to join us. 

The hour-long twitter sessions are led by Vicki, Lynn and Suzanne, three Registered Nutritionists, who are skilled in a range of nutrition topics and share a love of all things food. They are keen to discuss and share information on any nutrition related issue – the latest news story, a new research study, debunk the latest controversial fad, trend or campaign.

If you are new to Twitter, or have no experience in Twitter chats, check out our tips for taking part in a Twitter chat.

Our twitter chats began in January 2019. You can catch up and browse all our previous chats any time here. There are lots of useful information, links and resources shared in each chat archive.

We often run twitter polls to allow everyone within our network to have their say on upcoming twitter chat topics. Keep a lookout on twitter and feel free to contact us with any themes that you think would be interesting to discuss!