AfN Endorsed CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory for all Associate and Registered Nutritionists on the Association for Nutrition’s UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN). All UKVRN Registrants should undertake CPD in order to remain fit to practise, promote trust in the profession and to keep the public safe. This ensures that we maintain high standards of scientific integrity throughout our nutrition careers.

In January 2021, the @AfNutr Twitter chats received Association for Nutrition CPD endorsement (EN238; running from 15th January 2021 to 14th January 2023). This means that the AfN consider our Twitter chats to provide useful learning for both Associate and Registered Nutritionists and can, therefore, be used as a CPD activity for Registrants.

Our @AfNutr twitter chats are moderated by three Registered Nutritionists, which ensures that online discussions remain professional, evidence-based and within the standards expected of AfN Registrants. The @AfNutr chat team recognise the value of reflective practice and its importance for professional development.

How do I use @AfNutr twitter chats as CPD?

Below we outline four steps for using the @AfNutr twitter chats as a CPD activity.

Step 1: Participate in or catch up on @AfNutr Twiter chat(s)
We post questions one week ahead of our scheduled Twitter chats – this is to give you adequate time to read around the topic and prepare your contribution to the discussion. The idea around the @AfNutr Twitter chats is to identify any gaps in your knowledge and to communicate relevant points or questions via tweets. It can often be challenging to get your point across in 280 tweet characters – this in itself is a skill! Get your creative hat on!

If you are catching up on previous twitter chats you should browse archived chats and compile a list of learning points and actions.

Step 2: Complete a mandatory @AfNutr Evaluation Form
@AfNutr Evaluation Form can be found here.
We are required to pass on evaluation information to the AfN as a requirement of our CPD endorsement, as it ensures our activities meet AfN standards. When you complete the @AfNutr Evaluation Form you will be sent a personalised certificate that can be added to your CPD record as evidence.

Step 3: Complete Reflective Practice
We have a couple of reflective practice template sheets (below) that you can use to consolidate your learning. It is important that you keep hold of both your reflective practice sheet and the @AfNutr certificate, as you will need to provide these to show as evidence of your CPD.

Step 4: Log your CPD
We recommend that you log your CPD soon after your reflective practice is complete. Log into your Association for Nutrition dashboard and click on CPD Activity. You will then be able to complete the CPD log, copying and pasting your reflections from your reflective practice sheet.

From the activity type drop down menu, @AfNutr Twitter chats can be classified as Public Engagement, Volunteering or Wider Activity if you have participated in the chat or Self-directed Learning Activity if you have read the archive and compiled a reading list.

Reflective Practice Sheet Templates

We have two reflective practice sheets linked below that you can use to support your CPD.

Sheet 1 includes reflective questions that are relevant if you have actively participated in @AfNutr Twitter chat(s). This includes scheduling your tweets in advance, tweeting live on the night or commenting a few days after.

Sheet 2 contains questions suitable for reflecting on @AfNutr Twitter chat(s) that you have browsed from our archive. These questions are also useful if you have browsed our Twitter chats and did not tweet (you compiled a reading list for self-directed learning).